As for plant hire have the same brands for which we are distributors and to realize our catalog and can request any other machine that does not look the same because, for space reasons or new to the market we have not been included in this.

Key Benefits

  • Budgetary control force. Since the beginning knows that fixed costs will lead to the machinery.
  • Rental, installation, maintenance and removal made by the same company.
  • If you want we are the operator of the machine.
  • No need to remove the facility when work machine.
  • No need for heavy investment in each work affects the investment required.
  • A car is a total cost in tax.


  • Large Machines Catalog - We have a large stock of machines to serve you in the shortest possible time.
  • Installation and maintenance - have their own personnel for installation and maintenance of all machines in our rental fleet.
  • Quality and service guaranteed - helpline permanent fault.

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