We have the facilities, vehicles, workshop, machinery and highly trained staff.

Key Benefits

  • Spacious facilities.
  • Consolidated experience over the years.
  • Engineers and dedicated in every field.
  • Ongoing training courses and retraining.
  • Vehicle workshop appropriate to this work, apart from fixed installations.
  • Great experience in the industry.
  • Large area of spare parts.


All ordinary repairs and scheduled maintenance are carried out with field vehicles, but where these can not be made directly due to the size or severity of it, the machines are brought to our facilities, which possess the necessary machinery and appliances the performance of the activity.

  • Extensive facilities - where all repairs are performed by nurses at the same and
  • Distribution of tasks by experts - With skilled operators in each subject (mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, electricity, etc ...) and may well offer a better service and aided by faster
  • Large area of spare parts - With a large warehouse perfectly coded to meet the demands for service and repairs at our facility taking parts and pieces needed to proceed with the early settlement of the problem and / or damage, corroborated by
  • Procedures and time correction - Through statistical data, obtained through our years of experience in the industry and through certain times of the workshop manuals, constantly reviewed, we obtain the efficiency and effectiveness for shaping the quality of work and times, trying, always, our customers do not experience delays in work, supported by
  • Car park - By which our customers have at their disposal a machine similar to yours to continue working while hers is being repaired, subject to prior estimate of repair and repair time.

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