Our company is licensed in all Spanish territory for the installation, maintenance and dismantling of lifting equipment, according to ITCMIE-AEM-2 with highly qualified staff at all times complying with the requirements that the rule states.

In all other territories, where this requirement is not necessary, we have similarly qualified personnel, following procedures similar to those dictated by this rule, except in each country.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive experience consolidated over the years.
  • Engineers and dedicated in this field.
  • Ongoing training courses and retraining.
  • Vehicle workshop appropriate to this work, apart from fixed installations.
  • Great experience in the industry.


Our operators have the following capabilities:

  • Experience - gained during years of permanence through permanent recruitment of staff and
  • Training - continued in the workplace itself and by specialized teachers in different areas, with
  • Great knowledge of the industry - construction.

Reference Accounts

  • Reference 1 - Installation, maintenance and dismantling of tower cranes and demountable autodesplegables (defined as ITC-MIE-AEM-2), equivalent to colloquial and self-erecting tower crane.
  • Reference 2 - Installation, maintenance and dismantling of elevators (rack and cable), personnel lifts and electric platforms.
  • Reference 3 - Installation, maintenance and removal of metal scaffolding hanging from both electric and Storage systems. © 2005-2010