GALIGRU a consolidated group and continually expanding, dedicated to the installation, maintenance, rental and sale of all types of machinery and construction industry, being present in countries like Chile, Colombia, Spain, Morocco, Peru, Portugal and Tunisia, giving service throughout the territory of each country.

Still serving all types of machinery, we specialize in machinery for lifting, such as:

  • Demountable tower cranes (crane tower cranes or towers).
  • Tower cranes autodesplegables (erecting cranes).
  • Construction elevators for loads (forklifts for materials).
  • Personal elevators for construction and industry (Montapersone).
  • Working Autolifts mast (zip platforms).
  • Scaffolding European framework both as multidirectional.
  • Telescopic handlers.
  • Forklift (ducks or hoist).
  • Propelled cranes (cranes or cranes loaders)
  • Personal mobile elevating platforms:
    • articulated platforms.
    • Telescopic Platforms
    • Folding Platforms

For this purpose we in our staff with qualified technicians who will advise you at all times indicating the different possibilities for carrying out their work. . We are a young and enthusiastic group that seeks not only offer the best and most advanced technical solutions for carrying out the work, if not also offer the best service to our customers through our customer services and technical assistance .

Then we invite you to be a stroll through our website where you can find, among other things, a selection of our products, with a convenient and simple search, according to the stage where you are his work will tell you which products best suit your needs.


Generador trifásico. Uso profesional. Robusto, compacto, para trabajos exigentes.

REF: HIW-250
Medidas reducidas en altura, capaz de acceder a los lugares mas recónditos. La tracción permanente a las cuatro ruedas y su robustez convierten a esta máquina en una todo terreno de altas prestaciones.

REF: CE4425T
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