Profile of the organization.

In Galigru are consolidated in the sector of machinery for construction, with extensive experience in the paragraphs of the installation and maintenance of lifting equipment.

Our company consists of highly qualified personnel in the various items that pose a construction site, either civil or building, with each section run by engineers dedicated exclusively to the specific type of machinery that section, trying, because, with our suppliers and personnel to install and maintain, at all times to improve the products sold in our continuing effort to meet the needs of our customers and reduce costs involve them in their works.

Organizational target

The main requirement imposed by our company is to achieve performance and longevity machines which are at the highest level, while maintaining a simple, intuitive, fast and economical installation. For this achievement records and imposing tighter procedures every time they manage to overcome the previously marked.

One of the best ways to show and check it by placing on the market for our rental equipment to make the customer to verify the efficiency and effectiveness, and our response in the whole work, from installation, undergoing maintenance until the withdrawal of the arrival of the work machine, from which we deal entirely, and finally qualified for a purchase securely and with the assurance that behind it there is a group that will answer to any problem which may arise and that will always be with you in order to reduce costs in every new project © 2005-2010